Do Your Preschoolers Like to Wiggle? Try these Fun Preschool Movement Songs!

As we all know, preschoolers are wiggly little creatures. They can only sit for so long during circle time before needing to burn a bit of excess energy!

I incorporate at least one movement song into my circle time when I see the children are starting to lose focus. 

I recently discovered a site which gives me some great ideas in this area. The performer is a colourful character named "Debbie Doo." 

The songs she sings are on YouTube so you get the benefit of hearing the words AND seeing Debbie perform the actions. 

You can take a peek at one of her songs below.  If that one doesn't grab you, she has many more tunes (both oldy, but goody's and newer ones) from which to choose.

Three cheers for Debbie Doo!!!

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