Picture Book About Feelings and a Freebie

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Those first crazy weeks of school are upon us.  How are you holding up?

How 'bout your students?

I know my kids tend to have a lot more emotional highs and lows in those first weeks in the classroom. 

Everyone's getting used to each other, the teacher, the classroom, the routine!  Lots of new stuff!
Who could blame them?

So I thought a good book pick for this week's 
Picture Book Pick of the week would be one about emotions.

I'm linking this book pick up with Deanna Jump's 
Book Talk Tuesday series so you may want to take a peek there later, too!

My favourite book about feelings is called,
                   The Way I Feel by Janan Cain 

This is a rhyming book with awesome illustrations.  

It touches on many common feelings such as 


and scared

as well as other more obscure feelings like
 like proud, thankful, and disappointed.

And it's the perfect length for the preschool to Kindergarten crowd.
(Even if I love a book, if I think it's too long for my wiggly group, it doesn't make the cut!)

The final page of the book assures kids that it's okay to have lots of different emotions.
It says, 
"Feelings come and feelings go
I never know what they'll be.
Silly or angry, happy or sad, 
They're all a part of me!"

After reading this book, we usually discuss emotions and how to deal with some of the trickier ones like anger.

I also give the kids a little exercise such as the one below.  

Since my class is preschool age, I scribe their ideas onto the worksheet and then they draw and colour the pictures.

I also created an 8 page Feelings Mini-book similar to this worksheet, but covering more emotions. 
You can see the mini-book and the full Freebie collection in the image below.
If you'd like to download a copy of this set, 
you can scoop it up {here.}  

Have a "happy" week!  :)  

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