Halloween Party Ideas for Preschool and Kindergarten

One week till Halloween.
Wooooo...and it's time to plan the Halloween party.  

I thought I'd repost some ideas that have worked for our parties in the past. 

Before I show you some pics and ideas for Halloween,
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Next, on to Halloween Party Ideas!

One game that is always really popular with our class is GHOST CATCHER.  

I was introduced to this game by my co-teacher.  

It's easy to set-up, and super fun for the kids to play. 

All you need is a few empty, clean 4L milk jugs (cut off the bottoms) and some white paper towel ghosts on a string.

One or two children pull the ghosts around on the table.  

The other children hold a milk jug by the handle and try to catch the ghosts.  

Through the course of playing, the milk jug can get banged kind of hard on the table, so you might want a backup jug or two in case one of them gets bent.  

Another stand-by at our parties is PUMPKIN GOLF. 


All you do is carve a pumpkin with a nice big, low mouth and insert the end of a paper ramp right into it.  

To keep the ball from rolling off, make sure that you bend the bristol board ramp along the edges!  

we have a couple of different options.

Here the kids are drawing faces and colouring the pumpkins with markers.

We leave out a supply of Halloween stickers that they can add, too.

They can also use a hammer to pound in some golf pegs.
For another twist, give the kids some elastics to attach around the pegs to create a geo board!

For a group activity, I'd recommend trying the
"Looking for Dracula" by Charlotte Diamond

"Looking for Dracula" is similar to the 
"Going on a Bear Hunt song," 
but it has a Halloween theme. 

You can find it on her 10 Carrot Diamonds CD.
In the mix, we also have:
 BOWLING with the pins decorated like ghosts,

BALLOON TENNIS using balloons and paper plates
(check in another party post HERE for details)

COSTUME PARADE through our building

and then a POTLUCK LUNCH with parents.

Hope that gives you some new ideas! 

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Thanksgiving Turkey Crafts for Preschool and Kindergarten

We made two turkey cuties this past week at preschool.
   I think the parents were as excited to have them as the kids were to make them!  
(Everyone likes to have a festive house, right?)

Here's how we created them.

Playdough Turkeys

Teacher Prep:
  • we made some homemade PLAYDOUGH in a shade of brown (Clay would be better, but playdough is cheaper! :))
  • we prepared the "turkey heads and bodies" by sticking a pipecleaner in the bottom ball and then poking the head on top

(This step helps keep the head from detaching.)

The children then:

  • Pressed in some GOOGLY EYES
  • Added PIPECLEANERS for the BEAK, "WATTLE" (that red thing by the beak:)) and LEGS  
  • Poked in an assortment of FEATHERS in fall colours for the wings
And, voila!  The perfect little turkey for your Thanksgiving table!

Turkey Long Legs

Teacher prep:

  • We cut TURKEY BODY SHAPES out of brown paper, BEAKS out of orange paper, and strips for LEGS out of orange paper (legs not shown in photo)

  • We folded the legs into "accordions"  (unless you have an older group who could do it themselves)
The children then:

  • Glued the LEGS, GOOGLY EYES, and BEAKS to the body
  • Coloured half a folded COFFEE FILTER with markers in shades of orange, brown, and red 
  • SPRAYED the coffee filter with water to cause the colours to "bleed" together

I hung the coffee filters on a string so that they would dry by the end of class.

We then stapled the coffee filters to the back of the turkey body.    

And here he is...Mr. Turkey Long Legs!
Super cute AND easy! 

Gobble, gobble!

Fall Counting Game for Preschool or Kindergarten Center Time

We start our preschool day with close to an hour 
of free play.

Keeping the table top activities "fresh" is always the goal!

Here is a new game I created for fall. 

  I created this game by cutting and gluing the parts for the trees onto a poster board.  

I find that generally looks more attractive (and more colourful) than drawing the images directly onto the paper.

The children add the "apples" (red glass stones from the dollar store) to the trees.  

The game was designed to be a counting game with children matching the number of apples they add to the number written on the trunk of the tree.

Some of the children (particularly the 3 year olds) however, simply enjoy playing with the beads and placing them on the trees.

Although they are not counting the "apples," they can still develop number awareness as they play.  

I will ask casual questions such as which tree has the MOST apples, which tree has "0" apples, or  
how many apples do you think you could eat? :)  

If you want, you can also add a "Mr. Slinky Worm" to the table.  

The children love it when he tries to sneak off with the apples!

We continue with the apple theme at circle time, by singing the classic Mr. Slinky Worm song.

If you'd like magnet board pieces for this song, you'll find them in my Worm Unit HERE along
with a variety of other apple related activities.

All the activities are great for fall, but sometimes Halloween crowds in and I just use the apple ones in the Fall and save the worm activities for spring! 
(That's when the kids particularly seem to enjoy digging in the soil for them!)

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