Fall Bulletin Board Idea and Free Crow Template

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 Ah, the start of a new week!  

Mondays are hard (especially in September), but hopefully none of you have problems like the teacher in the cartoon! :)

Like most of you, I started off the year by freshening up the class with some new bulletin boards.

This year we decided to go a little "earthier" 
so we began by covering the board in burlap instead of the usual coloured paper.

I love the look (and the smell) of burlap and we'll likely use it as our backdrop right through till December, just changing the images on top.

I set the stage for the students' artwork by adding a scarecrow, a corn stalk, and a scattering of fabric leaves on top of the burlap.

The students added their mark to the board with some leaves that they painted in fall colours (with a sprinkling of sparkles and sequins on top for fun!)
We laid out some leafy colours to paint with including yellow, green and red.  

We also encouraged students to mix colours in a separate container to see if they could make
 some new shades.   
Orange and brown soon arrived on the scene!

On a different day, our class made these adorable crows to add to the board, as well.
Some were more fluffy than others!

Put it all together and here's the final result!

It's been lots of fun singing songs about scarecrows and crows at circle time with this festive backdrop!

Some of our favourite songs include:
5 Crows All Shiny Black

This is Jack O' Happy

Have You Ever Seen a Scarecrow

and 12 Little Acorns

If you're interested in getting a copy of the magnet board songs above,  you might want to check them out in the
 packs below -  {here}

and {here}.

As for the bulletin board, if you'd like to try out this idea (or even just make the crows), just click {here} or on the image below to pick up a free crow template!

Materials required for this craft include:
black paper
yellow paper
black feathers
googly eyes
glue sticks



  1. planning to use your crow template for Sunday school. Awesome idea! Thank you very much for sharing


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