Thinking of Hosting a Mother's Day Tea Party for your class? Check out these photos!

Hosting a Mother's Day Tea Party has become one of our annual preschool traditions.  

As we all know, being a mom is hard work!  
Moms deserve a little celebrating and pampering!
And the kids always love having a special day with their moms at school.

Here's some photos of our event.  

On party day, the moms entered the room to see it decorated with activity stations and an eating area.
Of course, we used pink tablecloths!
We had fresh flowers on all the tables
lovingly picked from my garden...
and neighbour's garden. 

(I didn't have quite enough flowers in my own garden, so I had no choice but to "prune" some branches that were hanging over the fence into my yard.  
The things I do for preschool!)

So pretty though!
The children laid out napkins at each place setting and sprinkled sequins on the tables to make things look festive.

Here's the bulletin board we created for the big event.

We lit aromatherapy candles so the room smelled nice and played our Celtic Dreamland CD to help create a "spa-like atmosphere."

(Tee hee. As much as you can have a spa-like atmosphere at preschool!) 
(This CD is also awesome for playing on days when your class is a little "rambunctious."  It's so calming!)

We began the event with the moms sitting at the tables to watch the children perform their Mother's Day songs.
( CLICK HERE for song ideas)

  For drinks, we served iced tea so that the children could bring the drinks to the moms themselves.
All part of the pampering!

For the snack we had brownies and ice cream, which again the kids served to the moms.
(As you can imagine, this was a busy part of the party
so, sorry, there are no photos of this stage!)
After eating, moms and kids participated in the various STATIONS AND ACTIVITIES!

Here's our Massage Station.  
In case you're wondering, the feathers were for gently tickling mom's face!

Here's our Sniff and Guess Station.
Underneath the question marks, we had written what was inside each cup.
Cups included things like:
coffee beans, mustard, cinnamon, etc.

Here's one of our wipeable sheets to record how you were doing on the "test!"

This is our Nail Polish and Makeup Station.  
The moms were great sports, even letting their child apply eyeshadow to their face.

Ah...looks like this mom just had her makeover!
 Aren't moms awesome?

 Next we have our Feel and Guess Station.

Our Handprint Keepsake Activity...

  CLICK HERE if you'd like a FREE copy of this worksheet.

 Our Reading Station...

And a 2 Person Number Game.
  (I'll be featuring this one in an upcoming unit.)

We wrapped up the party with a group reading of the super cute book,
"My Mother is Weirdby Rachna Gilmore
And then we opened gifts.
(CLICK HERE to see my previous post on gifts)


This was a longer post than usual, 
but I didn't want to leave anything out.  

Hope this helps if you are planning your own
Mother's Day Tea Party 
and wanted some more ideas.

To all you moms out there, 

I hope you take some time to recharge and pamper yourself  on your special day!

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