Coffee Filter Umbrella Craft for Spring

Now that it's March we decided it was high time we take down our Snowman Bulletin Board!

We never did get any snow this year, but we did get lots of RAIN.

And as the rain continues, we decided to make coffee filter UMBRELLAS the "stuff" of our new display!

 We started with a large coffee filter.

Then we folded it in half and wrote the student's name on it in pen.    

Next, we used a dropper to add spots of colour all over the filter, trying to cover it so that no white was showing.

We used ice trays to hold the colours, which were made from water mixed with food colouring.  

We also made sure to have the kids wear paint smocks. 
As you probably know, food colouring is almost impossible to remove from clothing!

We laid the filters to dry on a tray.

When they were dry, we added a pipe cleaner handle.

We'll be stapling some of the umbrellas onto our bulletin board display, the rest we taped to our classroom windows!

It's starting to feel a little more like spring already!

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