Mother's Day Card Idea for Kids plus Free Printables

Mother's Day is fast approaching and we're just finishing up our cards and gifts.

I always breathe a sigh of relief when we've got every mom covered!  Especially for the kids who are often away!

This year we went with a bit of a "mom is a queen" theme.

Because, let's face it, moms are like queens! :)

Today I'll show you the cards we made.  
The gifts, I'll have to feature in a separate post.  
(I'm still missing a photo or two!)  

You'll see the queens in our cards have different hair colours - each colour carefully chosen to look just like mom's! :)

Moms with black hair....

Moms with brown hair....

Moms with blonde hair....
And yes, I'll admit the poor blonde moms got a bit ripped off.  

There was no yellow yarn as expected and so they got some dry, brittle straw hair!

But hey, highlights can do some pretty harsh things to one's hair so maybe there's a bit of truth to the look. :) (Spoken by one who knows!)

The inside of the card featured this message.

To make the cards, the kids were all given images of a face  and a crown to glue to the front of the card.

I knew it would be hard for the kids to colour the face and the crown (we don't even own "skin coloured" felts) so I printed the crown on yellow paper, the face on skin coloured paper, and the cards' message on pink paper.

The kids glued these pieces to the center of the card, then used a marker to draw on the facial features.  
Last, they glued on the hair, jewels, and sparkles.

We used cardstock paper to help support all of the jewels. 
 The card would just flop over if it was made out of regular paper.   

If you'd like to make a similar card for Mother's Day, I have posted the crown, face, and card message for you HERE.

Watch for our Mother's Day gift idea coming next!


Bakery Dramatic Play Center for Preschool or Kindergarten

Our kids love dramatic play activities and we try to introduce a new center every month or two.

This week our theme has been BAKERY and it has definitely been one of their favourites.   
The kids took turns assuming the different roles at the bakery - namely, the customer, the baker, the cashier, or the clerk.

We used this wipeable form and a dry erase marker for the customer's order.

Either the customer filled out his order on the form, or when we had two clerks, one would fill out the form and the other clerk would fill the order.
The order would be placed in one of the take out bags or on a paper plate if the customer was "eating in."   

We left some money in a basket by the till that the customer could use to pay the cashier.
It was always interesting to see how much the cashier would charge.
  One cashier announced the cost of two cookies was $900!!  A little steep, but the customer seemed happy to pay it!

Below you can see our bakers in the kitchen working hard to keep the store stocked.
We had a variety of equipment and ingredients, each with its own label.  
Here is a sample of some of the items.
After the bakers added all the ingredients to a bowl, they'd mix it up, then pop the cookies in the oven to bake.

A close up of the baked goods can be seen below.  
They look pretty yummy, no?  

All these baked items were laminated for durability and then I used a glue gun to back them with foam paper.
This made them thicker and easier for the kids' little fingers to pick up.
The awesome repeat customers were rewarded with a FREE cookie or FREE donut card for their next visit.

Some days we change up the bakery center and we let the bakers make the cookies and other treats out of playdough.  
We use our bakery playdough mats for this.

We have a mat for cookies, donuts, cupcakes, a plate mat, and then a cooling rack mat, as well.

The bonus of the mats is that set up and take down of the bakery is quick and easy. 
 And the mats are easy to store, too!

Would you like to set up your own bakery?
All the items you see in the photos, plus many more signs, labels, and 3 game ideas are included in my Bakery Dramatic Play Set in my Teach Easy Resources Store.  

Just $3.95 for the pack!
Cookie, anyone?


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