Caps for Sale - Great Picture Book with Activity Ideas

It's Tuesday and time again for my
 Picture Book Pick of the Week!
(Plus a collection of activity ideas to accompany the story!)

As I've said before, finding books that your class will love can be a challenge.  

Especially if you are picking books for younger students. 
I know my preschoolers sometimes usually have a very limited attention span so I have to choose wisely!

Today's tried and true pick is the classic tale,
 Caps for Sale, by Esphyr Slobodkina.

I love this book because the length is perfect for Preschool and Kindergarten and it's SUPER fun to read.

The story opens by introducing us to a cap peddler who has the unusual practice of selling his wares 
from a display on his head.  
Each day he puts on his checkered cap, then he adds his grey caps, then his brown caps, etc....

 As he walks, he sings, 
"Caps for Sale! Caps for sale!  Fifty cents a cap!"

On this particular day no one is interested in buying his caps so he decides to take a nap in the country.
When he wakes up, he realizes that all of his caps are GONE!

He discovers that a tree full of monkey has taken them.
  And they don't want to give them back!
 After a few tantrums and lots of pleading... 
...the peddler gets back his wares.
The peddler places all the caps back on his head and returns to town singing,
"Caps for sale.  Caps for sale.  Fifty cents a cap."

Caps for Sale is a simple, fun story and part of my no-fail book collection.  

I bought the book and CD combo so that I could sing snippets of the songs as I read the story AND when I perform the story as a puppet show.    

A fun way to follow up the story would be to:
  • celebrate HAT DAY at school
  • set up a HAT SHOP in your dramatic play center
  • make crazy HATS for ART
  • provide PUPPETS and props so that your class can re-enact the story
  • have students practice walking and BALANCING CAPS on their head
  • encourage children to SORT HATS by pattern or colour
  • use the story as a springboard for a MATH activity

Scholastic has provided a free printable to go with this book.
Just click to download

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  1. It's an oldie - but it sure it a good book. My kids especially enjoy acting the story. They all want to be the monkeys!

  2. Although having the temper tantrum as the peddler would be fun, too! Thanks for your comment!


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