Fall Craft Ideas and a Fall Clip Art Freebie!

You always know what season it is in a preschool classroom.

Between the bulletin board displays, the crafts, and the songs at circle,
there's no mistakin' that it's fall!

Here's a few shots of the projects we've been doing in our class this past week.

Excuse me if the pics aren't perfectly cropped or rotated!
Fall's a busy time! :)

Yarn Wrapped Acorns and Apples

Step 1 - Roll red and brown paint on cardstock (great project for the kids)
Step 2 - Teacher cuts out apple and acorn shapes 
Step 3 - Kids glue on letters, glittery shapes, etc.
Step 4 - Kids wrap the shape in yarn 
(Teachers help them tape the beginning and end of the yarn piece)

Fall Wreath on a Paper Plate

Step1 - Cut out the center of a thin paper plate 
(You don't need a Chinet plate for this project! :))

Step 2 - Students glue a variety of real leaves, paper leaves, and tissue leaves to the plate

Tip:  The real leaves don't stick very well to the plates, so after the kids glued them to the plate, we reinforced them with a staple or two!) 

Step 3 - Add a ribbon for hanging at the top (It's on the side in this photo)

Also, for fall....I've just added Surprise #4 to my shop!  

This FREEBIE can be used for a very special holiday coming up next month.  

But I won't say more, 'cause it's a secret!  

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