Thanksgiving Turkey Crafts for Preschool and Kindergarten

We made two turkey cuties this past week at preschool.
   I think the parents were as excited to have them as the kids were to make them!  
(Everyone likes to have a festive house, right?)

Here's how we created them.

Playdough Turkeys

Teacher Prep:
  • we made some homemade PLAYDOUGH in a shade of brown (Clay would be better, but playdough is cheaper! :))
  • we prepared the "turkey heads and bodies" by sticking a pipecleaner in the bottom ball and then poking the head on top

(This step helps keep the head from detaching.)

The children then:

  • Pressed in some GOOGLY EYES
  • Added PIPECLEANERS for the BEAK, "WATTLE" (that red thing by the beak:)) and LEGS  
  • Poked in an assortment of FEATHERS in fall colours for the wings
And, voila!  The perfect little turkey for your Thanksgiving table!

Turkey Long Legs

Teacher prep:

  • We cut TURKEY BODY SHAPES out of brown paper, BEAKS out of orange paper, and strips for LEGS out of orange paper (legs not shown in photo)

  • We folded the legs into "accordions"  (unless you have an older group who could do it themselves)
The children then:

  • Glued the LEGS, GOOGLY EYES, and BEAKS to the body
  • Coloured half a folded COFFEE FILTER with markers in shades of orange, brown, and red 
  • SPRAYED the coffee filter with water to cause the colours to "bleed" together

I hung the coffee filters on a string so that they would dry by the end of class.

We then stapled the coffee filters to the back of the turkey body.    

And here he is...Mr. Turkey Long Legs!
Super cute AND easy! 

Gobble, gobble!

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