Preschool Graduation - Ideas for Celebrating this Special Day

We're on the final countdown till the end of the school year.  
8 days left and lots to do!  Scrapbooks to set up, Father's Day party to organize, Father's Day gifts to wrap, graduation gifts for the kids to prepare, diplomas to roll, songs to practice, graduation decorations 
to make....

How many days left, again?  :)

I can't yet post photos from this year's party, but I thought I'd post a few images from last year.  
Our set up this year will likely be somewhat similar. 

Here's the sign I made for the entrance last year.  
I think it's safely tucked away so I am hoping I'll be able to use it again!
The sign is attached to our rolling circle time calendar.  
I just covered the racks at the bottom with paper to make it look presentable.

You can see all the sparkles on the close-up!

Below is the bulletin board we created to act as a backdrop. 
Each child made a little figure that looked somewhat like themselves.  (Well, in terms of the hair colour, anyway!)
Some of the kids only wanted their figure to have ONE eye and such!  
I may want to crack down on that next year! :)

In front of this board was a "crayon" banner featuring each student's name.  
(Names have been blocked out for privacy.)
  The children decorated the crayons by adding black stripes, stickers, sequins, etc.

Here's the full picture of the bulletin board/banner combo.

Another option for the banner is to create one with balloons.  

To make this banner, just use a needle and thread, poking the needle through the tied end of your balloons.

Here's a full class picture from the year we made the balloon banner.
You'll notice a star display board on the right of the photo.  
Click HERE to see what's written on the stars and to get a free printable!  

As a gift for the kids, Ms. Danica took a photo of each child in a cap and gown outside in the garden area. 
They were all posing with the Dr. Seuss book, 
"The Places You'll Go!

I placed the photos inside some frames and we displayed them on a table at the ceremony.
Here's a sample of a few of them.

After performing the songs and receiving their diplomas,   we usually have a potluck lunch. 

Then we send the children home with their photos, their class pillowcases click here, and their scrapbooks.  

Yep, it's a lot of work, but of course every preschooler deserves a good send off.
Entering elementary school and leaving the world of preschool behind is a big deal!

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