Father's Day Party - Fishing and a Barbecue!

On Mother's Day, moms tend to get the royal treatment they deserve.

When Father's Day rolls around, however, sometimes dads get a little gypped.

We didn't want that to happen to our dads!  
So we planned to honour them at a special party.  Something completely new, but lots of fun. 

We met up with all the dads at a U-Catch Fish Farm!  

The farmer handed out fishing rods, bait, and buckets and then we spread out and got fishin'! 
  The ponds were stocked with rainbow trout.
LOTS and LOTS of them. 
(Good news for the less experienced fishers among us!) 

Some of the fisherboys/girls caught a fish within the first 10 minutes.
Others had to wait a little longer.

Fishing certainly does help develop patience!

 After everyone had caught a fish (yes, everyone!) we headed to the picnic area for some hot dogs and other snacks.

Then it was time to break out some games!

It was too busy to get a picture of all the activities, but I do have some shots of our balloon stomp game...

We tied a balloon onto the legs of either the dad, the child, or BOTH.

Then they tried to POP each other's balloon by stomping on it. 
Some pairs ran all around chasing each other.  
Some just hopped this way and that trying to keep their balloon safe.

But ALL seemed to enjoy the game and there were lots of happy screams during the chase.

(Tip: If you play this game outdoors rather than on a nice smooth, indoor surface make sure you don't blow the balloons to full capacity or they can pop too easily on the grass.  Filling them about two thirds full seems to work best!)

Other games we played included:

three legged race
 beanbag toss
 and tug of war (my personal favourite!)

We finished the picnic with some fun, dad and kid parachute games. 
{click here for parachute game ideas} 

We wrapped up our party by handing out the bbq sauce the kids had made in class.

 All in all, a very active, very fun way to ring in 
Father's Day with our dads!

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