Mother's Day Card Idea for Kids plus Free Printables

Mother's Day is fast approaching and we're just finishing up our cards and gifts.

I always breathe a sigh of relief when we've got every mom covered!  Especially for the kids who are often away!

This year we went with a bit of a "mom is a queen" theme.

Because, let's face it, moms are like queens! :)

Today I'll show you the cards we made.  
The gifts, I'll have to feature in a separate post.  
(I'm still missing a photo or two!)  

You'll see the queens in our cards have different hair colours - each colour carefully chosen to look just like mom's! :)

Moms with black hair....

Moms with brown hair....

Moms with blonde hair....
And yes, I'll admit the poor blonde moms got a bit ripped off.  

There was no yellow yarn as expected and so they got some dry, brittle straw hair!

But hey, highlights can do some pretty harsh things to one's hair so maybe there's a bit of truth to the look. :) (Spoken by one who knows!)

The inside of the card featured this message.

To make the cards, the kids were all given images of a face  and a crown to glue to the front of the card.

I knew it would be hard for the kids to colour the face and the crown (we don't even own "skin coloured" felts) so I printed the crown on yellow paper, the face on skin coloured paper, and the cards' message on pink paper.

The kids glued these pieces to the center of the card, then used a marker to draw on the facial features.  
Last, they glued on the hair, jewels, and sparkles.

We used cardstock paper to help support all of the jewels. 
 The card would just flop over if it was made out of regular paper.   

If you'd like to make a similar card for Mother's Day, I have posted the crown, face, and card message for you HERE.

Watch for our Mother's Day gift idea coming next!


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