Ever Lost the Attention of Your Class?

No matter what age of student you teach, there will be times when the attention of your class goes sideways.   

In my preschool class, all of a sudden, everyone might start talking at once excited to share a story about their weekend.

Or maybe one student will copy the sound of a sneeze in a book I'm reading and then all of their compadres will follow suit.  

Or maybe it's time to go outside, but no one wants to sit quietly to wait for his turn to line up.  

Yep. It's all part of teaching.  And some years, with some classes, there's more issues than with others!

One strategy we use to regain quiet in the midst of circle time is to sing...

"It's my turn to talk and it's your turn to listen."


"Put your finger on your lips on your lips.  Shh.   Shh."

Another surprisingly effective strategy in our classroom is to simply say loudly,
 "Oh dear!  Oh dear!"
For some reason that usually grabs the students attention pretty quickly!

I saw more ideas for grabbing attention in 
a FREE printout provided by 
the Clever Classroom below.

But before you check it out, I'd love to have you post a comment for how you grab attention in your classroom.  
The more options we teachers have the better!   

After, click {here} or on the image below if you'd like to access your free copy of  Class Attention Grabbers on TPT.
It includes some great ideas!

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