Mr. Pusskins - Picture Book Pick of the Week + Freebie

Do you love cats?

I know I do.  
Even though they tend to be moody and grouchy and very much "in charge" of the household. 

Or maybe that's just my cat?
Well, I do know of another fictional cat that's just like mine--   And he is featured in this week's 
 Picture Book Pick of the Week.

This week's choice is
  Mr. Pusskins by Sam Lloyd.
This book is funny and sweet with a pace just perfect for the Preschool and Kindergarten crowd.

In the story, Mr. Pusskins is treated like a little king by his owner Emily, but Mr. Pusskins appreciates nothing.
(Just get a load of his expression below!)

  Mr. Pusskins wants something better for himself and he thinks he can find it out in the big, wide world. 

He runs away to a life in the streets and finds a raucous gang of alley cats to "hang" with.
They have lots of fun.  For a while.  

Then Mr. Pusskins realizes that the alley cats
 aren't really his friends.  

They aren't kind and sweet like Emily.
  And Mr. Pusskins starts to feel cold and alone.
Mr. Pusskins misses his old life.  And Emily. 
So he finds a way to contact her.
The two get reunited!
The story ends with Mr. Pusskins having a major attitude improvement!
He appreciates his fine home and loving owner, and  
he becomes a happy and sweet cat.
At least most of the time.
I love the funny images in this book 
(especially those of Mr. Pusskins' grouchy face!)
 and I like the book's underlying message of learning to appreciate what you have.

It was a hit with my group and I can confidently recommend it for yours!

If you'd like to combine this book with a writing activity or a unit you may be doing on Pets, you may want to download this FREE worksheet.

Just click {here} to pick up your copy!
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  1. Looks like a great book! Thanks so much for sharing--love cats!! It has such a great message...


    1. Yes, cats are pretty lovable. Even with all of their faults! Rotten Ralph books are another great series if you like books featuring cats.

  2. This is a great book! Thank you so much for sharing, I need to add it to my collection! So glad I got to meet you through the Book Talk Tuesday linky!!

    1. I'm glad you like it! You can't help but smile at Mr. Pusskins and all of his super grouchy expressions!


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