Craft for Camping Theme and a Marshmallow Treat

Kids love camping.  And I'd say at the top of their list of reasons "why" is because it gives them a chance to eat lots and lots of MARSHMALLOWS.

And who can blame them?  
Roasted marshmallows are "pure goodness!"

With all the enthusiasm over marshmallows, we decided to make pretend fires and marshmallows on a stick as part of our camping theme. 

Materials you need:

red/orange/yellow paint
paint brushes 
popsicle sticks
white pom poms
cotton balls
brown paper cut into various log shapes
background paper 

  To begin, you can either paint each child's hand with the paint or simply have them place their hand straight into the plate.

The kids can make as many handprints as they like, but we tended to do about three.

After making their prints, the children washed their hands, and then came back and glued the log shapes to the paper underneath the "fire." 

The marshmallow on a stick was made by gluing a pom pom or a cotton ball to their popsicle stick.

Once the craft was finished, we stayed at the table and pretended to roast the marshmallow on the fire, carefully turning it and cooking all the sides.

When it looked like it was perfectly cooked, we blew on it, and of course pretended to EAT it!

This was a fun little activity to do with a few kids at a time at our craft table.

Now pretending to roast marshmallows is fun, but eating the real ones is obviously even better.

At home, my kids and I can sometimes be caught actually roasting marshmallows over our stove when we want a quick treat.  
We just pop a marshmallow on a fork or at the end of a metal skewer, turn the stove element to HIGH and get to roastin'.

Ah, perfectly cooked!  YUM!

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