Mother's Day Gift Idea and Free Printable

We wanted our preschool moms to feel like 
 this Mother's Day.

And what queen would be without some diamond jewelry?

Although we couldn't make real diamond bracelets, we could make DIME - ON bracelets.  Practically just as good!!  :)

 I definitely need to give credit for this idea to Jenn at Crayons and Cuties in Kindergarten.  She has a blog post HERE which explains her process and it also includes some fun ideas for a Mother's Day tea party. 
Make sure you check it out after reading this post!    

 I've documented how our class made dime-on jewelry with the photos below.  

Our process was a little different than Jenn's, plus we made dime-on bracelets instead of dime-on necklaces, as Jenn did with her class.   

The charms for the bracelets were made from this Polyform Air Dry Modeling Clay from Michael's.

Awesome stuff!  
And we barely even made a dent in the package after making 40 charms.  

We rolled out some clay on wax paper - enough for each child to cut out a charm.

The kids chose the shape they wanted for their charm from our selection of small dough cutters.

They pressed a cutter into the dough to get their charm shape.

Then they pressed a dime in the center of their charm to make an imprint. 
 (Note: The dime will be glued on later after painting.)

The teachers marked a spot on the charm and helped the kids poke a hole on the edge of the charm.  
We found a toothpick worked best.

 All the charms were placed in cupcake liners (with each child's name written inside).
  We left them to dry over the weekend, but I think only 24 hrs of drying time was officially required.

On day 2, the kids painted their charms (front, back, and sides) with acrylic paint.

We tried to encourage the kids not too load up too heavily on the paint so that the hole and the dime imprint wouldn't get filled in.  Didn't always work though! :)

When they charms were dry, we wrote each child's name and the year on the back with a fine point Sharpie marker.
Then the teachers used a hot glue gun to attach the dimes.

The kids threaded a piece of stretchy string through the hole and added beads.

And here's the result-
Dime-on bracelets fit for a QUEEN!

The kids helped wrap them up with a copy of the gift note below inside the package.  
We wanted the moms to know that they were getting a real DIME-ON bracelet after all! :)

The gift note in this photo would be included with a girl's present. 

The boys' moms will get a gift note signed, 
Love, your little prince

Then we had the kids tape the present to the inside of the card they made last day.

I recommend printing them on coloured paper to give them extra flair!  
If you'd like to make the Mother's Day cards that go with this gift, check them out HERE.  

You can pick up the FREE printables to make the card while you're there.  

For more FREE Mother's Day ideas and printables, including ideas for tea parties, just look in the Mother's Day category in my TPT store.

Have a wonderful Mother's Day!  

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