About Me Art

Ah, a new year, a new group of wee characters with all of their endearing qualities (and a few little quirks mixed in)!

We started the year by having all of the students create an image of themselves.  

As you will see in the photos, we didn't encourage cookie cutter art or "perfection."  I always love seeing lots of variety in the finished projects.  

Once all of our little people were up on the wall the title for the display read:

 "We are all different.  There is nobody else just like ME!"  

And I think the images that the kids created prove just that!

As part of the About Me theme, our students also glued some triangle and square shapes together to create a house.  

They glued on some circle shapes for the heads of their family members (bigger circles were provided for the adults' heads) and then they drew on the faces and the bodies.   

 Below, I have a sample image for this project.

Unfortunately, the kiddos' projects (which looked far more interesting and creative than this sample) were whisked off to their homes before I could take any pictures!

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