Fall - I Spy Sensory Bin

We like to switch the materials in our Sensory Bin every month
 to reflect either the season or the monthly theme.

This month our sensory bin contains:

Leaves (from the Dollar store)
Plastic rakes
Ornamental Corn
Mini Pumpkins
Plastic scale (for comparing the weights of the different materials)

After interest in playing with these items waned, I turned the bin into an I Spy game.

It would be best if the items I had included for the game had a Fall theme. 
But since I didn't have more Fall items other than what was already in my bin, I just used what I had on hand.     

As you will see on the poster, I included some cookie cutter shapes
 and various toys from around the classroom.

I also added a bunch of extra items to the bin that were not on the I Spy sheet to make the game more challenging.

For instance, I included both a red dinosaur and a blue dinosaur so that the students would have to find not just a dinosaur, but the dinosaur that was the correct colour.  

I will change the items up next week for Halloween to include skeletons, ghosts, and other Halloween items.  

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