"Ruffle" Some Feathers with These Two Cute Chick Crafts

Every month we choose a new theme to feature in our classroom. 

A super fun part of our FARM theme, involved hatching chicks!
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That was an awesome experience for kids, parents, and teachers alike! 
To see something come from nothing (especially when that something is a fluffy little chick) was pretty neat!   

On the day the chicks hatched, we celebrated the big event by doing the craft below.  
Materials needed:
  • paper cut outs for the head, body, wings and beak
  • white paper ovals cut jaggedly in half for the eggs
  • googly eyes
  • feathers 

As the chicks grew, we did another craft in honour of our fluffy guests.  

This chick's beak was glued flat and wide open to the plate (instead of being 3D) so he appears to be chirping loudly! :)

This craft idea was brought in by our ECE student, Christine.

The wings were made from tracings of the children's hands.  You could trace each child's hand individually and/or have pre-cut tracings ready to go. 
 (We varied our approach depending upon the patience level of each child!) 

Here is the bulletin board Christine set up which showcases our chicks as well as a few more of the crafts she developed for this unit.
   Thanks for all your hard work, Christine!

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