How to Make Letter Matching Fun

We like to encourage the children to get familiar with the alphabet, but in a way that's as fun as possible. 

I had purchased an old Scrabble game a while back because I knew that I'd be able to use the letters for a learning activity at centre time.

Here's the game I created.  
I made a big poster with all the letters of the alphabet.

Then I hid Scrabble letters from A-Z in a bin of sand beside the poster.

The children needed to dig to find the letters and then place them on the matching letter on the chart.  

For older students, I would provide a chart with lower case letters to make the matching game a little more challenging.  
When the players had matched all the letters, they enjoyed hiding them back under the sand again for the next person.

A version of this game would also be a good way to practice number recognition.  

Hmmm... and we just picked up some magnetic numbers.  I think I just picked my next little project :)  

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