Cute Easter Egg and Easter Basket Crafts for Preschoolers

Hippity Hop, Hippity Hop, Easter's on it's way... 
At least I think that's how the song goes!

With Easter coming up in a hurry, I wanted to squeeze in a few Easter craft ideas before it's too late.

Today we dipped some plastic Easter eggs in paint and created some neat marble effects on our paper eggs.

The class was BUSY today, so unfortunately I did not get a chance to photograph the craft in action.

Sometimes that's just the way it goes, I guess!

But the steps are easy and listed below:
  • Place a paper Easter egg cut out in a shallow bin or box
  • Dip plastic Easter eggs in paint (you can find these at any Dollar store)
  • Place the plastic eggs onto the paper Easter egg cut out in the bin or box
  • Hold the bin and tip it around to get the plastic eggs to roll and create tracks
  • Repeat with as many Easter colours as desired

To see images of this process (although with marbles), just click on my Valentine's Day post HERE 

At our other craft table we made Easter baskets for today's egg hunt.  
(Did I mention today was a busy one? :))

This Easter chick has his mouth wide open.  
I think he's saying, "Happy Easter!"

The children glued all the following parts to the bag:

  • oval body/head piece
  • wings
  • accordion legs
  • googly eyes
  • folding triangle beak
  • feathers

If you have a purple,yellow, or blue bag it would be particularly cute, I think!

Once the bag was finished, the children put in a handful of Easter grass.
The teachers then stapled on a pink bristol board handle.

As you can see, each bag turned out a little differently.  

We're never worried about having "cookie cutter"crafts!

As long as the kids are having fun with their creations, that's what matters! 

Now it's time to find some eggs!

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