The 3 Best Dr. Seuss Books for Preschool Plus Activity Ideas for Each One!

This was my first year doing a Dr. Seuss theme in my preschool classroom.

Dr. Seuss books are tons of fun with all the weird rhymes and crazy happenings. 

For a preschool audience, they do tend to be a bit long, however.  
We often found ourselves splitting a book into two separate story times.  

We also skipped over certain sections if it didn't impact the story too much.  
(Sorry about that Dr. Seuss!  Our particular group could definitely not sit through a full Cat in the Hat reading without things going sideways!)

The three most successful books we shared with our class were:

Book #1 - The Foot Book

This one is not too long, and has a really cute storyline about "all the different feet you meet."

This book could be followed by making some painted foot "prints" at an art station.

Here are the steps we used to do the prints:
  • paint child's foot with a paint brush
  • help them place their foot on paper to make a print
  • foot immediately gets dunked in a bin of warm water
  • kids step on a towel to dry off
No mess!  And the kids love it!  (Especially the part where the paint brush tickles their feet!)

Book #2 - Green Eggs and Ham 

Probably all teachers are familiar with this one.
  And of course we served some lovely green scrambled eggs at snack time afterward!  

Book #3 - The Cat in the Hat
The children loved the storyline, but this book is quite long. Reading half the story one day and half the next, made it work fine.  

After the story we made a cute Cat in the Hat mask!

Here's what you need to make this craft:
  • paper plate with the center cut out
  • black whiskers
  • black ears
  • tall white hat
  • red stripes to decorate the hat
  • large popsicle sticks to glue onto the back of the mask to make the handle
  • black paint for painting the plate (but this is optional - leaving the plate white looks fine too and it's one less step!)

Our Cat in the Hat bulletin board features our One Fish, Two Fish craft.  (I'll talk about some different fish bowl crafts next time!)
So there you have it!
  3 Dr. Seuss books that work well for a preschool crowd!

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