Cats and Dogs in the Classroom? Yes! All "Stuffed" Versions Welcome!

This past week we had a bring your "stuffed" pet 
to school day. 

We had quite a variety of creatures - everything from giant snakes, to monkeys, to your every day puppies and cats.

The children all had a chance to introduce their "pet" to the class at circle time.  It was interesting to note how the pets names changed throughout the day. :)

At the craft table, we made collars and name tags for the pets.  
Here's our friend, Twigs the giraffe, with his sparkly new collar and tag.

The supplies I put out for this activity included:  

  • strips of bristol board for the collar (I created long strips that could be cut to size for each stuffy)
  • oval and/or heart shaped tags cut from bristol board
  • piece of pipe cleaner for attaching the tag to the collar (I created a hole in the tag with a hole puncher)
  • stickers, sequins, and felts to decorate the tag and collar
  • round sticky velcro dots to attach to the ends of the collar (optional, but it's a nice touch when the collar can open and close)
  • pieces of yarn for a "leash" to attach to the collar
After the pets were all suited up, the children took them for walks (i.e. slides) around the classroom.

They also stopped at our Pet Shop (see post HERE) to buy them treats.

And they made little homes for them with blankets and boxes. 

At the end of the day, we dropped all the pets on top of our parachute for a trampoline ride.  The stuffies tended to bunch in the middle as we bounced them, but the kids didn't seem to mind.

Then we treated the pets to a parachute game of ring around the rosy.  

Did you have a fun day at preschool Bunny?  I think so!

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