10 Things I Plan to do this Summer

I've linked up with Deanna Jump's post,
Top 10 Things I Plan to do this Summer!

Here's my Top 10 list:

1.  Get on my bike and find some new places to explore! 
When I lived in the mountains, I used to enjoy doing somewhat freaky trail rides.  I no longer ride along cliffs and beside bears (lol), but I do enjoy going on little country rides with my kids.  And of course we always make a point of stopping at a coffee shop or corner store along the way! 
Here we are at a corner store last summer.  I'm posing by my daughter's bike in a seriously mismatched outfit.   Yes, one of those "don't care what I wear" summer days.  Gotta love 'em!

2.  Sleep in a tent with my kids.  And I suspect the tent will be set up in our backyard.  Yes, over the years we've gotten a little lazy about doing the whole "pack the car to the gills" camping trips.  A stay at home camping trip definitely has its perks! 

3.  Take lots of trips to the beach with my dog, Sammy. There's nothing my dog loves more than running in circles in the sand. And rolling in the sand.  And digging in the sand. He comes home a dirty mess, but it's fun to see him get so excited!

4.  Eat outside and barbeque as often as possible!  Or rather, have my husband barbeque as often as possible.  I have yet to figure out how to start the barbeque.

5.  Do some painting!  I paint part-time to help supplement my teaching income.  My first order for the summer is a giant 5' x 5' painting of a west coast ocean landscape. Here's a sample of a west coast painting I did earlier.  


6.  Sleep in, sleep in, sleep in.  I'm surprised I'm actually listing this one at number 6.  It should perhaps be in the #1 position.  There's nothing more sweet than getting up when your body wants to get up!  No alarm clocks!!!  No hitting the snooze button repeatedly!  Ah....I can hardly wait!

7.  Enjoy a "balanced lifestyle!"  And figure out how I can maintain it ALL year.  I always make time for work.  What I want to learn is how to add in more time for exercise (but only the kind that I truly enjoy!), yoga, meditating, FUN with family and friends... A balanced lifestyle!  Anyone have any tips on how to achieve this?  :)

8.  Occasionally sit in a chair in a sunny spot on my patio AND DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!   Ahhh...can you imagine?

9. Let some of my flowers die and let my lawn go dormant. This summer I vow not to run around with my sprinkler, hose, and watering can.  I'll miss having a nice green lawn, but it will come back in the fall!  

10.  Work.  Yes, it's summer vacation, but I'll still be busy painting, creating TPT products for my shop, and doing a variety of teaching related jobs and training.  (BUT, I'll be keeping in mind #7 - I'll be enjoying a balanced lifestyle!)

What are your plans for the summer?  
Share your comments below and/or link up to Deanna's Top 10 List HERE! 

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