Pre-K Five for Friday: 5 Ideas from My Week!

I am joining the Five for Friday party this week sponsored by Doodle Bugs Teaching.  

After you check out the 5 ideas or "happenings" from my week, you may want to link up and see what other Pre-K - Grade One(ish) teachers have been up to!

Here's my five!

 We began practicing one of our songs for our preschool graduation ceremony.  It's a long one, but so awesome that we decided we'd go for it and just practice it like crazy.

The song is "What I Am" by Will i am.
I'll post the You Tube video below, but in case it doesn't show through this link, you can just click {here} to get to it. 

 We took our class to the water park!  
Everyone wore red pinnies so that they were easy to spot amongst the other kids.
  Some kids delighted in drenching themselves, others were quite happy to just get their feet wet.   
Here's the park before our troops descended!

We played the game, "Alphabet Soup."  

To play this game, set up chairs in a circle - one for each student.
Each child gets a letter and then sits on a chair.  The teacher calls out a letter (i.e., "a") and holds it up.  

All the children who have that letter must quickly stand up and switch chairs with someone else who has that letter.  

When the teacher says "Alphabet Soup!" ALL students must stand up and find a new chair.  

Lots of fun and a great way to practice letters!

 Our students practiced recognizing and ordering numbers by using the flower props below.  

I found the piece of wood on the beach last year and then drilled holes in it that would be just big enough to hold a popsicle stick securely.

I battled my cat all week who loves to bother me while I'm working on my computer.    
She's actually lying on my hand right now as I'm trying to type.  
And of course she's meowing at regular intervals.  Ah, pets!
Enjoy your weekend!

Click {here} or the image below if you'd like to see what others have been up to this week.

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