Playin' Outdoors - Backyard or Playground Game Idea

When the weather's nice and you have kids to keep busy, the best place to send them is

The outdoor game I'd like to share today is called 
Target Ball!

All you need is:
  • fence or wall
  • sidewalk chalk
  • bucket with water
  • balls (tennis balls work great)
  • hula hoop (or other marker for where to stand)
Draw your target on the fence and indicate the points earned for hitting each circle.
We kept to small numbers to make adding the points easy.

Players stand in the hoop and throw wet balls at the target.

If you like, you can have the kids (or you) record the points for each throw.

We found that most of our throws were landing in the 
two pointer circle! 
Older kids might like to switch off until each player has taken 10 turns.  
Then they can add up the points they recorded to see who won the round. 

We played our first round by seeing who could hit the
 5 pointer target first.
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