Leaf Crafts with Personality!

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I collected some leaves on the weekend to use at one of our art tables. 

It was a great excuse to get outside and enjoy the woods with my doggy!
Yes, Sammy, sniff in that lovely scent!  

 I was initially thinking the kids could do some sort of collage or painting activity with them, but then I thought of something a little more unique - 

Leaf People!

It was such an easy art activity - no cutting or prep for me - and lots of fun for the kids.

All you need for supplies are:

  • leaves
  • background paper
  • glue
  • googly eyes
  • markers/felts

 As you'll see in the picture, my leaves were a little spotty!  

Unfortunately, there's not too many red or orange leaves around here yet, but the projects looked fine nonetheless.

One thing to note is that the lighter leaves allowed the marker drawn mouths, etc. to show up the best.  
(An obvious result, but something to keep in mind when collecting leaves for this project the next time around. :))  

Here's some of the crazy leaf characters that were created.


I still have a lot of leaves left, so expect another fall leaf craft coming soon!

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