Cute Picture Book for Spring - This One is Always a Hit!

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My pick for this week is The Wide-Mouthed Frog
pop-up book.  

This book is written by Keith Faulkner and illustrated by Jonathan Lambert.

I've seen this story written and illustrated by different poeple, but I think this particular pop-up version is the best.

This story is about a wide-mouthed frog 
that likes to eat flies.

 He goes around telling everyone his story - that he is a wide-mouthed frog and he likes to eat flies - and then   
he asks them what they like to eat.

Below, he is asking a mouse.

The final animal that the frog meets is an alligator.

  The alligator states that he likes to eat 

After hearing that bit of news, the wide-mouthed frog immediately pinches up his mouth and says,
 "Oooooh,  You don't see many of them around, do you?"

And he quickly hops into the pond.

I like this book because I love the illustrations (and the fact that they pop up!)  

I also find this book is a good one if you like to "do" the  characters' voices when you read.
The animals the frog meets are all quite different (and have short lines!), so I can usually keep my voices straight when reading this one!

The fact that the story repeats certain lines is also great for encouraging your students to join in as you read.

If you're looking for other fun books for spring/summer, you can check out more ideas on Deanna's,
 Let's Talk About Books post {here.}

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