Awesome Halloween Book for Pre-K or Kindergarten Plus a Set of FREE Pumpkin Playdough Mats

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I must say, I love fall - fall songs, fall crafts, fall activities...and of course, Halloween!  

I'm the prissy type of Halloween lover though.  
Give me the happy jack o' lanterns, the smiling ghosts, and the friendly bats.  
The gory stuff is not for me!

One of my favourite Halloween books for this time of year is called The Hallo-Wiener by Dave Pilkey.

By the way, I'm linking this book idea to Deanna Jump's Book Talk Tuesday series.  
You may want to check out the book recommendations there once you're done this post!

Now, The Hallo-Wiener is about a little daschund
 named Oscar.

Oscar gets his fair share of ribbing for being a wiener dog
 and as you would expect, the teasing only gets worse when his mom buys him a "hot dog" costume to wear for Halloween.
Poor Oscar.  The humiliation!  

But everything changes when Oscar becomes a hero on Halloween night.

This book is hilarious and the perfect choice for the preschool or Kindergarten crowd.
It's definitely my favourite book for this time of year.

Halloween is still a few weeks away (and my Hallo-wiener book will have to stay under wraps for now!), but I plan on introducing a few Halloween inspired activities right away.
I want to squeeze in as many as possible before it's too late!

I just made these pumpkin printables today.

I'm going to print a couple copies of each and then laminate them for use at one of our centres.  

Students can either draw faces on the pumpkins with 
wipeable markers OR they can create faces on them with play dough.

If you'd like to download these pumpkin mats,
click {here} to grab the set!


p.s. - New freebie coming soon! 
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  1. This sounds like an adorable book - I love dachshunds anyway!

    1. Yes, this book is hilarious! The images are really cute, too. They're simple and colourful - perfect for a book being read to a group.


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