Ghost Wind Sock Crafts for Halloween

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A fun craft that we made with our 4 year olds this week was Ghost Wind Socks.
Can't you just see these cuties blowing around the porch on a dark night?  
Talk about Halloween ambiance! :)

For the most part, the kids were able to make these little ghosties themselves. 

At the end of the process, however, there were two steps that the students needed some help with - stapling the strip into a circle and attaching the handle.
(Hence the skimpy number of photos that you'll see documenting this craft!  It got busy at the craft table!)

Here are the materials you'll need to prep for this project:

When the ghosts are completed, just brace yourself for what will be coming next ...
the pleasant sound of woooooooooooo permeating the classroom  (not to mention lots of flying streamers!)

But really, who could blame them?

HOWEVER after a few minutes of hearing (and watching) ghosts circling the classroom in rapid flight, it was time for these little creatures to "take a nap" until going home time!

Teachers can only be so flexible!

If you'd like to read the steps for making this project, they're listed below: 

  1. Lay a white strip of card stock (with a wavy bottom edge) flat on the table 
  2. Add a line of glue across the length of the bottom of the strip
  3. Stick streamers onto the the glue all the way across the bottom of the strip of paper  (Note: Streamers don't all have to be the same length - a variety of lengths actually looks better)
  4. Flip over the paper to the other side
  5. Glue on googly eyes
  6. Draw on a mouth with felt along with any other decorative details desired
  7. Teacher staples the paper strip into a circle 
  8. Teacher tapes on a string/yarn handle to the inside edge (I found taping the two ends of the string much faster than punching holes into the strip and then tying the string through)

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