Puffy Paint Ghost Craft for Halloween

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Halloween's just around the corner.
Time to get a little spooky with this fun ghost craft!

Today we made the ghosts below using "puffy paint."

And for once the paint actually stayed puffy!

Some of the ghosts had LOTS of paint
 (which actually made me feel like eating them :0), 
others had a bit of a skimpier coating.
But ALL were very cute!

We gave the children SPOONS to spread the puff paint  (instead of paint brushes like we have in the past) and that seemed to be a better choice.

The kids didn't feel the same need to scrub the substance into the paper as they do with a brush 
(thus removing all the "puff!")

If you'd like to try this craft, here are the materials you'll need:
  • shaving cream
  • glue (just add a big swirl to the bowl of shaving cream and then mix)
  • spoons for spreading the paint 
  • cardstock ghost shapes
  • silver glitter or sparkles
  • googly eyes
  • pieces of yarn (for the mouth)

One thing to note is that the puffy paint takes a long time to dry so you may want to keep these projects overnight before sending them home.

Taking home a wet ghosty craft might scare the moms! :)

For more Pre-K - K ideas, you may want to check out the post that I linked up with below!

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