Five Ideas from My Week in Preschool

As another week in preschool comes to a close 
I thought I'd join up with the 
Five for Friday post hosted by Doodle Bug's Teaching.

Here's five "happenings" from my week!
  We made bbq sauce with our students for our
Father's Day gift.  

The children were called over in groups of five to help
 add the ingredients,
stir everything together,
and "sniff" all the items as we used them.
The smell of the vinegar was especially unpopular!  :)
 I've posted the bbq sauce recipe we used along with 
FREE set of bbq sauce labels 
 in my Chirp Graphics shop {here}. 

 We did some BUG prints with crayons and some plastic bug templates at the craft table.  

I quickly learned the value of taping all the templates to the table to keep them from moving while the children were trying to do the print.
I also gave them tape so that they could attach their sheet of paper securely in place over top of the templates.  

What a difference that stability made to the quality of the prints!

Here's a print done before taping.
And here's a collection of prints done with the tape method.
I posted my beloved go-kart for sale.  
This go-kart was actually made for ME by my dad when I was a child.
I flew down many a hill in this little vehicle!
Pedestrians beware!
We are doing a camping theme this week and the kids enjoyed doing lots of "outdoorsy" dramatic play activities like:

Playing in the tent

roasting marshmallows

and doing some canoeing and fishing, too!

I finished my week with a stop at two of my favourite places on my way home from school... 

Starbucks and Chapters!
Here they are both rolled into one awesome location.
Life is good!

Enjoy your weekend
and if you want to look at some other
check them out by clicking on the image below!

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