Five for Friday and Contest

Friday already!?
There was so much going on this week that 
it flew right by me!

I'm going to post my FIVE FOR FRIDAY and then check out what's been happenin' this week for other teachers in the Doodle Bugs linky party {here}.                   
It's fun to see what everyone's been doing!

Here's my 5!

We continued our camping theme this week.  
At circle time, we turned the lights off and shut all the blinds so that we could enjoy a little time around the "campfire." 
 I gave everyone a blanket to cover their legs (it gets cold when you're camping outside!) and we listened to a book on tape.  
Then we scooted in close to the "fire" and sang campfire songs while we roasted some real marshmallows on plastic sticks. 

We do so much pretend play, the kids were quite cautious when it came time to eat them.  They kept asking, "Are you sure these marshmallows are real?"
I wrapped all of our Father's Day gifts for 
the Father's Day party.    
That was a labour of love, but the kids enjoyed making the sauce and I think their dads will enjoy using it.  
You can only give so many paperweights, right?

Here's one of the finished gifts created by a boy in our 3 year old class.

On a darker note, we had a very sad incident in my town in which a dog walker left 6 dogs in the back of a truck on a sunny day.  

She misjudged how long the dogs were in the car and how hot the interior could get 
(even with the windows left open).   
The dogs didn't didn't make it.

I know this is a heavy topic to post, but I thought I'd mention it in case it might help prevent future incidents of this kind.

I saw this sign attached to the fence at the dog park by someone else who wants to help prevent future accidents.  

I made sure to get out on my bike couple of times
 this week after school. 

Nothing like getting out in the woods when you need to "ground yourself."  (And exercise!)

  My last tidbit from the week is that I am 
hosting my first Rafflecopter giveaway for my very popular
Pete the Cat Unit!

Check out the details on my previous post and enter {here}

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